Merging Duplicate Participant Accounts

If a participant is identified as having a duplicate account in RecoveryLink at your organization, you must manually take steps to merge the accounts. First, identify the participant account that you wish to keep and the account(s) you wish to merge. For any accounts that identified as the duplicates to be merged, identify all data (profile, engagements, assessments, referrals, documents, etc) that you wish to maintain, and manually transfer this data one by one to the participant account you wish to keep. All data in RecoveryLink can be back dated, so please ensure that for any data that you provide the correct date, start time, and end time as appropriate.

Once all data is manually transferred, rename the participant duplicate account(s) first name to "Test" via the "Update participant contact info" button from the participant profile. Once the participant account(s) is renamed, immediately discharge the account(s) to prevent any more data being entered on this duplicate account. Following this process will result in the duplicate accounts being deleted in the middle or end of the month, following our automated account deletion process for duplicates or test accounts.

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