Converting Drop-in Referrals Or Kiosk Members to Full Service Participants

Participants that are first entered into RecoveryLink using a drop-in referral (or as an RCC member if using the RecoveryLink kiosk add-on service) can be converted to a full service type at any time following the initial account creation. All participants who receive a drop-in referral are available to peer supervisors and organizational administrators on the search participants tab (or on the RCC members tab if using the kiosk add-on). Navigating to this tab and identifying the participant, and then selecting Manage Participant Services will take the staff member to the Manage Services tab of the participant's profile. Once here, staff should select the "Convert Participant" button and then update any participant contact information, brief demographics, assign the appropriate staff person, select the service type (brief check-in only or comprehensive services), and provide the reason for conversion. Once saved, participants will be marked as active in the system and available for immediate engagement with any staff person who has access. All historic drop-in referrals will be maintained on the participant's profile.

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