Individual Services Report

The individual services report (ISR) provides engagement specific information for every engagement a participant was a part of during the reporting period (monthly, quarterly, or annually as standard). This report is not historical and will only show engagement sessions of any type that occurred within the reporting period. Each row corresponds to a unique session for a given participant and each participant may have one or many rows corresponding with each session they were a part of.

Session data includes participant information, engagement session details (session type (e.g., intake, brief check-in, follow-up engagement, etc.) date, length of time, billable units if applicable, session channel, start time and end time, facilitating staff user), as well as engagement session outcomes (engagement session notes, referrals made in session, recovery plan changes in session, recovery capital assessments in session, etc.).

The ISR (in combination with the discharge report and group sessions report) may be used for fee-for-service invoicing as it contains all relevant service event information (except for your organizational specific billing codes).

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