Release Notices

Release 2.5 April 26 2022
  • The kiosk application has been updated with several new features, including: guest visitors, first time visitor help text; expanded customization options; 
  • The main outcomes report is now available for ad hoc reporting at Please note that the main outcomes report is now split into 4 individual reports to improve processing times and add new outcomes variables.
  • The enterprise dashboard has been updated to include staff filters, discharge analysis, expanded outcomes, and baseline/current comparison of substance use and mental health history.
  • The Supported Employment Module (optional add-on) has been fully released in beta. Please contact your account manager to inquire about adding this module.
  • Added "Report of an overdose reversal with distributed naloxone" as a variable in discussed topic in the organizational contact log.
  • Added "assisted with employment needs" as an engagement activity within brief check-ins and follow-up engagements
  • Fixed an issue where care coordinators were able to reactivate discharged participants.
  • Added additional segmentation values to participants without a staff assignment to more correctly display the reason why they are unassigned.
  • Fixed an issue where the participant profile info column was not displaying on all page views.
Release 2.5 December 24 2021
  • Reporting Application Release
  • Fixed an issue where organization logos and details were displaying twice on the participant profile left hand column
  • Fixed various back end PHP errors to improve load time performance
  • Improved the auto-logout feature so that in the instance where multiple tabs of RecoveryLink may be open, the system will log out each of them
  • Fixed incorrect dynamic URLs in the appointments tables of staff and participant profiles
  • Fixed an issue where multiple staff were unable to sign a document request
  • Fixed an issue where staff filter lists on the GPRA feature were not available
  • Fixed an issue where telephone numbers on a participant profile could not be edited in some instances
Release 2.5 December 9 2021
  • Releases Recovery Support Tips V1.0 and Participant Data Profile
  • Releases Recovery Support Data Mesh (RSDM) HL7 FHIR
  • Releases Recovery Support Index V4.0
  • Fixed an issue where participants with accounts created would sometimes not see telerecovery and self-assessment options
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to duplicate a participant's primary phone number with another by updating the phone number from the participant profile > update contact info button
  • Fixed an issue in the staff supervision plan UI that was displaying supportive items requested incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue in document signing module where staff lists included participant authorized users, load times of certain signature requests screens took longer than expected, and certain staff were prevented from creating document templates
  • Fixed an issue where content would not save when nested date fields were input incorrectly (e.g., recovery dates)
  • Implemented a change that allows org admins and supervisors to modify the intake date of a participant from the participant profile > update contact info
  • Fixed an issue with next engagement date's showing a placeholder date (12/31/0000) 
  • Fixed an issue where empty phone records were maintained on the participant profile
  • Fixed an issue where staff filters were not available on active and search participants tabs
  • Fixed an issue where organization's with large participant counts would experience longer load times on active and search participants tabs
Release 2.5 November 23 2021
  • Introduces Scheduling Module V2.5
Release 2.5 November 19 2021
  • Supervision Module Version 2.0 - new supervision plan and sessions format, introduces new fields: staff credentials, staff education, primary supervisor, storage of staff documents, and group supervision sessions.
  • Introduces new staff profile UI
  • Introduces new staff account creation and deactivation process
  • Introduces Document Signing microservice 

Release 2.5 November 4 2021

  • Allows for the uploading of participant documents when service type is equal to discharged.
  • Expands the participant requested services options to now include: 1) employment support, 2) family recovery support, and 3) reentry support.
  • Adds RSI (recovery support index) scoring values to the main outcomes report for participants.
  • Fixed an issue where the update recovery plan button was not showing when a blank initial recovery plan was saved
  • Fixed an issue with double booking of appointments for participants
  • Fixed an issue with recurring appointment controllers not saving completely
  • Fixed an issue where local timezone was being used incorrectly in appointments.
  • Fixed an issue where supervisors could not update and manage staff accounts with the care coordinator role.
Release 2.5 September 15 2021
  • Participant Self-Assessments: Allows for participants with accounts to login and complete self-assessments.
  • Releases the 8 dimensions of wellness (custom form, CO)
  • Releases the plan of safe care and NICU encounter session types (custom elements, GA)
  • Fixed an issue where participants when logged in could not see the demographics, recovery characteristics, or engaged services tables.
  • Updated the appointments module to cancel any single or recurring events for a participant when discharged.
  • Updated the full page UI view of assessments, all engagements, and referrals to show the create date, creating staff, last update date, and last updated by staff names.
  • Added option to select staff role at the point of initial staff member account creation.

Release 2.5 September 3 2021

  • Appointments/Scheduling V2.0 released. Includes the ability to schedule recurring appointments, turn off/on SMS and email notifications (note: SMS notifications require telerecovery module).
  • Modifies the staff account creation feature from the staff page to allow for the selection of a staff role at the time of creation, rather than having to edit the new account after creation to set the correct role.
Release 2.5 August 30 2021
  • Application auto-logout introduced
  • Password requirements feature and updated policy implemented
  • Modifications to the global referral node made with the addition of referral entity contact questions
  • Introduction of the kiosk admin portal
  • Fixed an issue where sessions could not be saved with a BARC-10 assessment. 
  • Fixed an issue when a kiosk brief intake is performed, the awaiting assignment L2 does not show intake date in last engagement date
  • Rolled back a change requiring at least either a primary phone number or email to perform actions on new or existing participants
  • Fixed an issue where last staff contact was not properly displayed in the global participants search UI
  • Fixed an issue in the contact log where zip codes with a leading zero could not be saved
  • Resolved an issue where global messages would sometimes populate an incorrect participant. Includes the addition of a confirmation popup modal before sending messages
  • Introduced column sorting to the contact log table UI display
  • Added "review supervision plan" to the available list of topics discussed during a supervision session
  • Fixed an issue in the GPRA module section A that would prevent SUD (OUD/AUD) medication past 30 days from displaying passed on conditional logic.
  • Fixed a misspelling of recovery on the global participants search UI view
  • Added program ID filters to the GPRA data download tab
Release 2.5 August 4 2021
  • Released Global Participant Search (replaces Inactive Participants subtab)
  • Add intake referral source information to participant profile UI
  • Ensure NULL values for activity end date/duration based on multiday selection in organizational activity logs
  • Fixed an issue where upon staff removal, historical records would default to an administrator staff profile instead of maintaining historical authorship
  • Add a total staff user count display to the staff UI
  • Updated aggregate calculation of last engagement dates to improve application load times
  • Fixed an issue in telerecovery messaging that would not change to the correct participant when using global messaging
  • Fixed an issue when updating recovery characteristics from the participant profile, SUD and MH recovery dates would default to today's date
  • Fixed an issue where discharged and brief check-in only participants profiles were not showing the recovery capital tab
  • Fixed an issue when updating a recovery plan goal task, the task would be removed from UI display
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes in saving content at the same time, an application timeout would occur
  • Update the pronouns variable to include an other:_______ option
  • Fixed an issue where if a phone number was added, the phone number field could be saved when blank
  • Updated the display of RCC member participant profile (only available to kiosk users) to show demographics and recovery characteristics in the UI
  • Fixed an issue in the kiosk that would not let a brief intake occur due to changes in pronoun variable in the primary application
Release 2.5 July 7 2021
  • Released Self-service kiosk: a solution for new intakes, organization member registration, and activity check-ins for brick and mortar centers and sites
  • Participant profile duplication prevention: enforces validation checks against primary phone numbers and primary email. Participants, at an organization level, must have unique primary phone numbers and primary emails. Secondary phones and emails may be used across many profiles as needed.
  • Added a "Not Applicable" option to the discharge services vocabulary multi-select
  • Fixed broken connection engagement session info bundles
  • Updated last engagement date to not be changed by discharge sessions with reasons for discharge that are not related to actually engaging with a participant (i.e., no longer responsive)
  • Fixed an issue where previously assigned participants, that were no longer assigned, were populating the available participants in appointments lists for certain staff
Release 2.5 May 21 2021
  • Contact Log: a solution to collect individual level information for participants engaged without intake into full services
  • HIV/HEP ABC Testing and Treatment Module: Allows for the collection of testing, treatment, and referral information related to HIV and Hepatitis.
  • SBIRT integration into the RecoveryLink omnichannel contact center platform
  • RSI integration into enterprise dashboards
  • Fixed an issue where important participant contacts were not available when updating contact info
  • Fixed an issue where updating organizational activity logs would require resetting previously stored values
  • Fixed an issue where in application dashboards were displaying incorrect number of engagements and referrals of various types
  • Fixed an issue with active filtering that would cause some participants to not appear in the correct lists
  • Fixed an issue when editing appointments via various methods would cause an error
Release 2.5 Features May 1 2021
  • Appointment Module: Schedule engagements of any type with any participant that a staff user is authorized to take action on based on role permissions. 
  • Appointment Calendar: Introduces an Appointments tab on primary navigation that displays a staff calendar interface to see past appointments, upcoming appointments (on a daily, weekly, or monthly view), and allows staff to schedule new appointments and modify existing appointments with active participants they have access to take action on. 
Release 2.5 Update April 28 2021
  • Update default service type and staff assignments on Brief intake and Drop-in service events
  • Update all Participant listing Views with new Service type and status replacements
  • Convert and update Service type field
  • Scripts to populate engagement info not addressing all content
  • rl\_deploy:populate-child-engagement-info
  • rl-writes:update-last-engagement
  • Updating Referral Modifies Date Referral Made in Session View
  • Participant Profile > Extra “Last Update” on Participant Profile L1, Contact details L2
  • Empty Engagement Length Values in Frontend Application
  • Case user route parameter for group content add sitewide
  • Introduce new “Last staff contact” field on case_user
  • Spelling mistake in recovery plan content node
  • Resolve final references to field_case_status
  • Custom Views exposed filter
  • Update service type and case status usage in various utilities
  • Provide contextually appropriate options in field_service_type
  • Review service type usage in existing commands in rl_deploy module
  • Update service based customization in rl_forms.module
  • Update service based GPRA messaging in rl_gpra.module
  • Resolve default service type assignments in rl_participant_node_presave
  • Update service type based access control in EngagementsController.php
  • Update service type based access control in PlanController.php
  • Update ParticipantNodeValuesHandler.php in rl_testing module
  • Update login destination handling in rl_user.module
  • Update or deprecate EnforceCaseStatus.php
  • Service options and restrictions at Reactivation
  • Service options and restrictions at Service Change
  • Service options and restrictions at Conversion
  • Service options and restrictions at Intake
  • Configure various content customization for MPS content
  • Configure group content, group permissions, and system permissions for MPS content
  • Configure Pathauto settings for MPS content
  • Configure automatic title patterns for MPS content
  • New node: Staff assignment / reassignment
  • New node: Reactivation
  • New node: Conversion
  • New Node: Service type change
  • Update Single Referral View
  • Replace existing field\_engagement\_type with new field\_engagement\_channel
  • Migrate drop\_in engagement info into new field\_session\_engagement
  • Add `field_session_engagement` to Drop-in bundle
  • New field to capture string value of acting user name when creating engagement or service records
  • Add new field to Assessment and Referral to indicate “ad-hoc” entry
  • Add `field_session_engagement` to Referral and Assessment bundles
  • Custom validation on field\_engagement\_time to eliminate 23h59m\+ entry
  • Set engagement\_info data on content created within an engagement
  • Year validation for SUD and MH Recovery Date
  • Reconcile display variable of “last update” on various content types
  • Update participant characteristics page display
  • Update calculation of last engagement date to ensure accuracy
  • Custom validation for date fields in case\_characteristics
  • Provide custom allowed value options to field\_engagement\_channel when created inside of drop\_in node
  • Data cleanup: Empty Engagement Length Values
  • Update all Views to use new `field_engagement_channel`
  • Label deprecated fields for removal
  • Update form display of Drop in
  • Update date field configurations in assessment views
  • Update date field configurations in referrals views
  • Update form mode configurations for field\_referral
  • Update form mode configurations for field\_assessment
  • Add new form display mode for Referral and Assessment
  • Create engagement\_info for ad-hoc referral and assessment content
  • Migrate existing field\_engagement\_type values to new field\_engagement\_channel values
  • Data script: resolve engagement durations of zero
  • Data migration script to populate engagement\_info from parent content
  • Update existing referral and assessment content with field\_ad\_hoc value
Release 2.5 Update April 6 2021
  • NEW Introduces Volunteer staff role into the application
  • NEW Introduces the Volunteer activity log role in the application
  • UPDATE Corrects participant profiles that had a follow-up engagement conducted before an initial recovery plan session
Release 2.5 Update March 15 2021
  • UPDATE: Missed call alert emails now include the participant ID as well as the phone number for easier identification
  • FIX: Resolves an issue where staff users would receive missed call alerts from non-valid phone numbers (i.e., robodialers)

Release 2.5 Update March 10 2021:

  • Update: Make PJR Custom Form an optional feature for organizations
  • Fix: Missing field in HEP C custom form UI display
  • Fix: GPRA export providing different results on subsequent downloads
  • Fix: Update Participant deletion settings to include GPRA Record
  • New: Add status filter to participant profile referrals table UI display

Release 2.5 Update March 7 2021:

  • NEW Releases Dashboard Analytics V2.0 on application
  • NEW Releases Enterprise Dashboard Application V1.0
  • UPDATE Modifies GPRA crime and substance use conditional logic on all GPRA interviews
  • NEW Modifies GPRA follow-up and discharge interview buttons to be shown only when available for a participant
  • NEW Adds additional questions and help text to the GPRA for special contracts and evaluation consent
Release 2.5 Updates 24 February 2021:
  • NEW Introduces new address data collection model
  • NEW Adds skip descriptions to GPRA sections
  • UPDATE Replaces existing address fields with new address bundle
  • UPDATE Updates all participant form modes with new address bundle
  • UPDATE Updates all participant address displays with new address bundle
  • UPDATE Updates display of phone numbers to match new address model
  • DATA MIGRATION Migrates existing primary address data to new address model
  • DATA MIGRATION Migrates existing secondary address data to new address model
  • DEPRECATED field.field.node.case_user.field_case_address
  • DEPRECATED field.field.node.case_user.field_case_address2
  • DEPRECATED field.field.node.case_user.field_case_address2_other
  • DEPRECATED field.field.node.case_user.field_case_address2_owner
  • DEPRECATED field.field.node.case_user.field_case_address_duration
  • DEPRECATED field.field.node.case_user.field_case_address_other
  • DEPRECATED field.field.node.case_user.field_case_address_owner
Release 2.5 Updates 19 February 2021:
  • UPDATE: introduces formatting and field additions to the GPRA flat file export report on platform
  • NEW: require date, channel, and time entry within all engagement sessions
  • UPDATE: Removes Engagement Length selection field for all sessions
  • NEW: Utility to populate field_engagement_duration from entered start and end times when session is saved
  • NEW: New field to store field_engagement_duration
  • UPDATE: Replace all displays of field_engagement_length with field_engagement_duration
  • UPDATE: Moves Group sessions to consolidated navigation page with subtabs of My sessions, All sessions
  • UPDATE: Modifies the Participant Profile > Group Sessions table display to show most recent group session notes first and makes this column sortable.
  • UPDATE: fixes page display of discharge engagement info
  • UPDATE: adds duration column to participant discharge table
  • FIX: All original authors of engagement session data restored that may have been impacted by the staff reassignment unexpected behavior.
  • NEW: Upon discharge session save, resets Next engagement to null
  • DATA: Migrate engagement length term reference values into field_engagement_duration values
  • DATA: Migrate/calculate duration from existing engagements that have start/end time but no length selection.
Release 2.5 Updates 9 February 2021: 
  • Removes Engagement Length selection field
  • Moves Group sessions to consolidated pages (My sessions, All sessions)
  • Replaces all displays of field_engagement_length with field_engagement_duration
  • Fixes page display of Discharge engagement info
  • Adds duration column to participant discharge table
  • Introduces new field to store field_engagement_duration
  • Utility to populate field_engagement_duration from entered start and end times when session is saved
  • Resets Next engagement to null upon Discharge
  • Require data, channel, and time entry on engagement info
  • Migrates engagement length term reference values into field_engagement_duration values
  • Migrates/calculates duration from existing engagements that have start/end time but no length selection
Release 2.5 Updates 5 February 2021:
  • Introduces an initial GPRA export interface
  • Updates allowed values of for GPRA field F-11
  • Adds a “no” option to the income source earnings question of income GPRA
  • Adds custom success message when creating/saving Program ID
  • Adds custom validation to allow only a single primary phone number
  • Adds display column for primary number status
Release 2.5 Updates 3 February 2021:
  • Stores engagement date from Brief Intake on case_user
  • Removes utility to reassign content authorship on peer reassignment

Release 2.5 Updates 28 January 2021:

  • Migrates data from any existing SSN4 values to new SSN field 
  • Migrates existing creation dates into engagement info where introduced in recent model changes
  • Adds new data collection and adjusts form layout of Brief intake
  • Repositions 'Complete Full Intake' action button on participant profile pages
  • Consolidates handling of 'N/A' option label
  • Add _target=blank attribute to "Get help" menu
  • Updates custom group label template to partially resolve issue #176539854
  • Fixes last update display field for Recovery Plan

Release 2.5 Updates 27 January 2021:

  • Fixes an issue where Drop-in referral was setting incorrect status
  • Updates custom label for date field of engagement info on Brief intake
  • Removes old intake date field from brief intake
  • Removes military section from follow-up GPRA 
  • Fixes handling of custom messages in GPRA workflow
  • Miscellaneous typos and behind the scenes testing and deployment fixes
Release 2.5 Feature 26 January 2021: GPRA
  • Introduces new, native GPRA data collection and record management feature
  • Adds engagement fields to collect engagement info (channel, length, start time, end time) at Brief intake and Full intake
  • Adds start/end time entry variables to Engagement Info block for all session types (Note: engagement length still should be selected at this time)
  • Updates label: ‘Referral Partner Name’ => ‘Intake Source Name’
  • Updates Contact Info (L2) UI, display ‘[Primary]’ next to phone number if primary; change ‘Staff’ => ‘Updated By:’ 
  • Updates Demographics (L2) UI, change ‘How many children do you have?’ => ‘Total children’
  • Updates Recovery Characteristics (L2) UI, change ‘How many meetings did you attend in the last 30 days’ => ‘Total meetings attended 30 days before intake’
  • Updates Recovery Characteristics (L2) UI, change ‘’Did you attend mutual aid recovery meetings in the last 30 days prior to intake’ => ‘Mutual Aid Meetings Attendance 30 Days prior to intake?’ 
  • Updates Important Contacts to remove extra (un-bolded) ‘Phone’ label before ‘Phone number’
  • Updates Participant information column, add phone number designated primary to display
  • Data transfer of participant records between organizations 14 and 52
  • Updates organization dashboard notice
Release 2.5 Updates 15 January 2021
  • Fixes display of multiple referrals created during any type of engagement session
  • Fixes custom validation of emergency room visit counts in outcomes
  • Adds change to demographics collection of social security number using masked input and output
  • Completes data migration of engagement values to nested outcomes object
  • Fixes telerecovery SMS display issue
  • Adds email notifications to assigned staff email when a missed telerecovery audio call comes in from a participant.
  • Adds a REST endpoint to gather account email from assigned telerecovery number
  • Updated Organization dashboard notice
  • Converts organization logo field type to help reduce dependencies
  • Updates labels and options in Participant Outcomes form
Release 2.5 Updates 8 January 2021
  • Fixes issue with SMS service
  • Provides a REST endpoint to gather account email from assigned telerecovery number
  • Organization dashboard notice for pending updates
  • Converts organization logo field type to help reduce dependencies
Release 2.5 Updates 6 January 2021
  • Updates labels and options in Participant Outcomes form
  • Updates labels and options in HEP form
  • Adds custom validation to Participant Outcomes
Release 2.5 Feature 2 January 2021: Telerecovery
Release 2.5 Updates 29 December 2020
  • Fixes an issue where the Org participants view restricted access to App Manager or Developer
  • Fixes an issue where Discharged participants were displayed multiple times
  • Fixes an issue where Discharge local action was not in/visible due to caching
  • Adjusts All participant listings page routing, layout, and features
  • Updates Drupal core and contributed modules
  • Updates test coverage for expected functionality with Discharge events
RecoveryLink Release 2.5 10 December 2020
Documents, forms, and activity logs
  • New HEP A/B collection attendant displays and forms
  • New HEP C collection attendant displays and forms 
  • New Organizational activities attendant displays and forms
Intake/Referral source updates
  • Migrates existing data from referral partner type to new intake source data field
  • Adjusts allowed values for intake source selection
  • Provides conditional form display configuration to respond to new allowed values
Participant outcomes
  • Introduces new Participant outcomes content type
  • Updates Brief check-in and Follow-up engagement forms to include optional outcomes
Manage and Program ID module
  • Introduces new “Manage” page tab for organization
  • Introduces new “Manage: Details” page tab for organization information
  • Introduces new “Manage: Program ID” page tab for organization management of Program ID
  • Introduces new “Manage: Application” page tab for Application Manager to configure features
  • Adds Program ID filter to My and All Participants
  • Moves fields from participant to discharge bundle
  • Updates Discharge form with new input fields
  • Permission updates to allow multiple Discharge sessions per participant
  • Introduces new discharge page display on participant profile
Participant profile
  • Introduces and moves demographics data to new case_demographics data model
  • Introduces and moves recovery characteristics data to new case_characteristics data model
  • Introduces and moves engaged services data to new case_services data model
  • Re-design of the participant profile page 
  • Completes data migration to new data model (2.5)
Maintenance and Security Release 1 December 2020
  • Fixes an issue where staff counts were off on management dashboard
  • Adds additional option to session activities, “Provided transportation”
  • Fixes adding referral or assessment content on update of engagement records 
  • Fixes Application Manager access to manage organization logo
  • Provides PJR feature access 
  • Removes deprecated fields from recovery plan
  • Core application update to Drupal Version 8.9.10
Release 2.0 Features and Updates 12 November 2020
  • Introduces new Care coordination session type
  • Care coordination session type input form, update form, full content display
  • Org participants tab added to the organization profile
  • Care coordination page tab added to the participant profile
  • Enables ability to start coordination session from All Participants tables
  • Introduces complete full intake button on the participant profile for Brief check-in only participants if no full intake has been performed
  • Introduces Session activities entity for Follow-up engagements and Brief check-ins 
  • Fixes an issue where account username and email could be out of sync
  • Fixes an issue where App Manager could not see Activity logs of organizations
  • Fixes an issue where an Organization Administrator could delete their own staff membership
Release 2.0 Updates 1 November 2020
  • Changes session satisfaction field label
  • Introduces new international phone number widget
  • Introduces phone number data conversion
  • Fixes Brief check-in form availability of assessment and referrals completed in session
Release 2.0 Updates 23 October 2020
  • Adds “ad-hoc” updates for supervision plan
  • Enables staff to view supervision session records about them
  • Provides supervisors with session view and edit access
  • Makes more explicit access check to various form modes and removes edit tab access
  • Select component styles
Release 2.0 Features and Updates 8 October 2020
  • Adds custom Programs IDs
  • Adds selection placeholder on activity log channel field
  • Adds explicit management of the GRPA feature for all organizations
  • Organization Module release to collect customizations to the organization group bundle
  • Adds Organization fields for email and website
  • Developer view updates to troubleshoot participant issues
  • GPRA Module staging to establish distinct feature
  • Adds GPRA can be enabled by App Manager
  • Hides GPRA form URL fields unless GPRA Forms feature is enabled
  • Updates access controller for GPRA page tab now checks group for feature enabled
  • Adds a custom action link and update form for Organization
  • Introduces initial Audit Log feature that captures view, create, edit, delete activities on content and paths related to a participant.
  • Updates the staff removal process to use a “batch” operation to handle all of the content unassignment objects
  • Fixes complete content migration from case_note to check_in 
Release 2.0 Updates 1 October 2020
  • Adds Brief check-in only participants to reassignment process
  • Resolves status assignments when converting service types (transfers and reactivation)
  • Adds referral table display to Brief check-in display page
  • Fixes routing on activity path when no activity type parameter was provided 
  • Fixes an issue where Peer Supervisors could not edit goals/support inside of a recovery plan they did not create
  • Fixes date discrepancy from engagement table to full display view
  • Fixes formatting error on participant information block
  • Updates configuration management system
  • Updates automated testing system
Release 2.0 Updates 24 September 2020
  • Resolves duplicate vocabularies in use for referral and recovery domains
  • Adds custom date filter to custom Activity Log view
  • Moves custom activity logs under new activity routing
  • Update to Drupal core 8.9.6 with dependencies, contributed modules updates
Release 2.0 16 September 2020 
  • New Participant Access feature release
  • Adds custom rl_access module to handle access to participant and organization content
  • Updates login redirection rules for participants
  • Provides custom content access to participant role
  • Updates profile displays for participant requirements
  • Fixes edge case errors 
  • Updates last engagement date calculations specific to Group Sessions
Release 2.0 13 September 2020
  • New custom content type feature release 
  • New Activity tab on the organization page with sub-pages for logs and narcan (each with archive downloads)
  • New custom routing and page builds for remaining participant profile page tabs (Plan, Capital, Documents, Referrals)
  • New custom Activity page routing
Release 2.0 Update 10 September 2020
  • Update to Drupal core 8.9.5
  • New Program ID values added
Release 2.0 Update 8 September 2020
  • New Application Management feature release
  • New Application Management level dashboard for Application Manager
  • New Organization Management view for Application Manager
  • New Participant Management view for Application ManagerFixes an issue where Peer Specialists could not add a file to case documents
  • Updated GPRA group access
Release 2.0 Updates 31 August 2020
  • Update phone validation to include US & Canada
  • Update ETL migration configurations (v2)
Release 2.0 Updates 28 August 2020
  • Fixes visibility error of participants in My Participants view
  • Adds more robust input validation for telephone numbers
  • Fixes formats telephone number display more consistently
  • Adds new Program IDs 
Release 2.0 Updates 7 August 2020
  • Fixes form configuration of date fields to remove seconds
  • Adds new Program IDs
  • Fixes missing referral information when printing (and not making an appointment) 
  • Update Drupal Core to 8.9.3
Release 2.0 Updates 30 July 2020
  • Updates group session ownership to match facilitator
  • Updates case user tags label to Program IDs
  • Introduces transportation question to Full intake demographics
  • Introduces parent/participant involvement question to Full intake demographics
  • Introduces children questions to Full intake demographics
  • Introduces pregnancy question to Full intake demographics
  • Introduces pronouns question to intake demographics
  • Updates button label to “Brief intake”
  • Introduces 3rd party payer name collection to intake
  • Introduces referral type selection to intake
  • Update demographics collection of race/hispanic origin
  • Introduces engagement channel question to activity logs
  • Updates success messages of activity and PJR activity logs
  • Introduces multi-day indication on activity logs
  • Update empty table text for PJR activity logs
  • Introduces domain topics selection to Group Session
  • Adds discharge date display to participant profile and All participants table
  • Resets Discharge information upon reactivation
  • Adds new Program IDs
  • Updates Drupal core and security patches
  • Updates participant bulk import protocol
Release 2.0 Updates 24 July 2020
  • Updates last engagement calculation to use the peer input date of Check-in, Follow-up, and Group Session content
  • Updates last engagement calculation to skip Check-in if no contact was made
  • Change in default for 'Contact successful?' question  to ensure user input 
  • Adds static display of participant name on Brief check-in form, Follow-up engagement, Initial Recovery Plan, peer assignment
  • Updates custom form title, button, and message configuration; removed from custom code
  • Developer tools for removing test records 
Release 2.0 Updates 17 July 2020
  • Adds new Program ID values
  • Expanded GPRA support 
  • Update birthdate validation to max 100 years

Release 2.0 Updates 15 July 2020

  • Adjusts the content that triggers last engagement date
  • Adds distinct success messages for CRS and BCI participant pathways at intake
  • Adds new Program ID values 
  • Assigns ownership of Group Session content to the peer facilitator
  • Updates terms in Gender vocabulary [Female-to-male (Trans Male) & Male-to-female (Trans Female)]
Release 2.0 Updates 29 June 2020
  • New Supervision session feature release
  • Adds the ability to create a supervision plan for a staff member
  • Adds the ability to perform supervision sessions with staff members to review/update their supervision plan
  • Adds organization member tools to perform new supervision activities
  • Adds a display of current supervision plan on the staff member page
  • Updates staff view to link to staff membership instead of user account
  • Updates the “My organizations” view on the account page (“My account link”) to include quick links to assigned participant view and supervision plan
  • New Brief Check-in service type release
  • Manage case status during intake based on service type selection
  • Automatically assigns peer that is performing intake (skips assignment routine)
  • Adds new “Brief check-in only participants” display to My participants and All participants pages
  • Converts existing case note content to the new check-in model
  • Adds ability to perform assessment to the check-in
  • Adds ability to perform referral to the check-in
  • Adds new custom routing for participant Recovery Plan that checks service type for access
  • Adds new custom routing for participant engagement that checks service type for access
  • Updates participant transfer form to manage service type and case status values
  • Adds custom content type features and viewing paths for PJR Intake and PJR Activity Log (select organizations only) 
  • Converts case use tags to multiple selection 
  • Adds support for Chosen JS handling on case use tags field 
  • Adds custom values to case user tags
  • Introduces data migration protocols
Release 2.0 Updates 19 June 2020
  • Fixes Date of Birth validation issues
  • Expands GPRA access
  • New Group session content type release with all attending displays for various group roles
  • Adds a new Organization page display “Org group Sessions” for Supervisor+
  • Adds a new Organization page display “Group sessions” to show sessions added (and editable) for the signed in user
  • Adds a new “Group sessions” display to the participant’s Engagements tab to show the session note for that specific participant
  • New Activity Log feature release
  • Adds a new Organization page display “Activity logs” for Specialist+ with narcan distribution broken out
  • Provides a CSV export of Activity logs
  • Updates permissions at each role to create, edit, and/or remove organizational staff
  • Provides custom handling of Participants in the event of staff removal
  • Consolidates Active/All Participants page
Release 2.0 Updates 1 June 2020
  • Makes Relationship Status field required
  • Adds description text to profile Policy Group Insurance ID field
  • Adjusts layout of participant search inputs
  • Updates Brief Check-in contact field widget to use radio button
  • Exposes new fields in participant profile displays
  • Synchronizes sort options in participant table displays
Release 2.0 Updates 28 May 2020
  • Adds Sendgrid integration for transactional email
  • Fixes missing messages on login/reset/password pages
  • Adds new field to Participant profile: Last 4 of social security
  • Adds new field to Participant profile: Policy Group Insurance ID
  • Adds new field to Participant profile: External Unique ID
  • Adds new field to Participant profile: Insurance Coverage
  • Adds new field to Participant profile: “Currently has a primary care physician?”
  • Adds new field to Participant profile: Relationship Status
  • Adds new field to Participant profile: Fee For Service Reimbursement
  • Adds new field to Participant profile: Substance Use History (Nicotine)
  • Adds new field to Brief Check-in: “Contact Successful?”
  • Adds new name and ID search to My Participants and Active Participants
Release 2.0 Updates 15 May 2020
  • Sets custom button text value on drop-in form
  • Sets default value and hides field for referral status in drop-in form
  • Updates field labels in Follow-up Engagement
  • Sets destination parameter (redirect) on Recovery Plan update form
  • Fixes form item spacing issues on the group member create form
  • Adds a filter to the Peer Staff page view to remove new participant users
  • Adds rendered participant details on the Discharge form
  • Introduces new vocabulary configuration for upcoming releases

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