Reporting Bugs and Other Issues

Any version of any online application will have instances of features and services not working as intended. In order to provide each of our partners the best service possible, we ask that you immediately report any issues or bugs to our development team for review and prompt resolution. We welcome, at all times, the following submissions:

  1. Reporting system bugs. Web-based applications go through a series of testing protocols for functionality, browser behaviors, and operating system responses. We expect “bugs” to appear and appreciate timely reporting so they can be addressed.
  2. User experience feedback. Ultimately, any development activity aims to create an application that is helpful and useful. We welcome feedback on your overall experience and things that may be helpful in your role as a Peer Recovery Specialist going forward. Common feedback responses are: “I expected this would happen but instead this happened”; or, “This link or action isn’t working the way it should be working.”

All submissions can be sent via email to

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