Dashboard Reporting

Each organization on the RecoveryLink platform is provided a real-time data analytics dashboard that provides easy access to real time outcomes, demographics, and other analytics for their organization. Dashboards are the landing page for any staff member after login and have several different views to access data. 

  • Staff may filter the date range to see only relevant data in the top right of the page. This includes pre-filled date ranges (e.g., last month) or custom date ranges
  • Staff may also filter at the peer staff and individual participant (only by unique participant ID) level to see specific information
  • Staff may download raw data from any report available on the dashboard in CSV format for secondary analysis (see your BAAQSO and Terms of Use agreement for more details)

Dashboard reporting will be available for any organization with 30-days of creation of their instance of the RecoveryLink platform, and as long as there is at least one participant in their engagement data.

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