Telerecovery Microphone and Camera Settings

When staff make use of the voice (phone calls) and video features of the telerecovery services module, the browser being used to access the application will need permissions to use the microphone and camera of the computer being used at that time. This also applies to participants when logged in to engage in video sessions.

Each browser has specific steps to follow to ensure that you are allowing the microphone and camera to be used for these features. The first time you attempt to use these features, you should see a pop-up alert (please ensure your pop up blocker is disabled or look for the blocked pop up notification) asking you to permit your browser to access your microphone and/or camera. You should click allow on these alerts after confirming that the microphone and/or camera you wish to use is selected. If you do not allow these permissions, you will be unable to use the video and voice features.

If you have previously declined these permissions, or wish to change the microphone or camera you are allowing your browser to use, please search for the specific instructions for the web browser you are using. We have provided support links for the most common browsers below:

Google Chrome | Firefox | Safari | Microsoft Edge

We have also provided screenshots of the Google Chrome browser below, which is the recommended browser to access RecoveryLink.

Google Chrome - Pop Up Alert for Microphone

 Google Chrome - Pop Up Alert for Camera

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