Staff Telerecovery Phone Number Assignment and Unassignment

Organizations which have access to the telerecovery services module through purchasing the add-on feature are automatically assigned a unique organization telerecovery number. Existing staff at an organization that enables telerecovery will automatically be provisioned a unique telephone number with the same area code as the organization telerecovery number. For new staff that are added to an organization, creating their account following the steps outlined in the creating new staff knowledge base article, will result in an automatic provisioning and assignment of a unique telerecovery number as well. Assigned staff telerecovery numbers can be viewed by selecting My Account once logged in as the staff member, or by selecting the staff member's name to access their staff profile, from the staff tab as a peer supervisor or organization admin.

When staff are deactivated from an organization, their unique telerecovery number is also deprovisioned and placed in the organization's phone pool for up to 30 days. When new staff phone number assignment occurs at staff creation, the system will first assign any numbers in the organizaton's phone pool, and if none are available, purchase a new unique telephone number for the staff member. 

My Account Telerecovery UI

Staff Profile Telerecovery UI

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