RecoveryLink Telerecovery Module Overview

RecoveryLink features integrated messaging (SMS), voice calls, and video calling as part of the electronic recovery record via the telerecovery services module. Note, the telerecovery services module is an add-on feature. The telerecovery features are native to the RecoveryLink application and allow staff and organizations to communicate easily to participants in a HIPAA-compliant manner.

Each organization and individual staff member are provisioned and assigned a unique telephone number, that is only available to be used in the RecoveryLink application. These numbers will utilize the same area code as the organization phone number input into the organizational profile by the org administrator (available via the Manage tab on primary navigation). In the rare instance, the same area code is unavailable for provisioning, the closest phone numbers to your geographic location will be used. Individual staff can see their assigned telerecovery number by selecting "My Account" after logging in to the application. Supervisors and org admins can see individual staff telerecovery numbers by navigating to the staff page, and then selecting individual staff's name to access the staff profile. Note: it is not possible to change an organization or staff assigned telerecovery phone number at this time.

The video below provides a holistic overview of the RecoveryLink telerecovery services module, and additional knowledge base articles specific to messaging (SMS), voice (phone calls), and video sessions (video calls). 

RecoveryLink - Telerecovery Demo - Powered by Twilio from Robert Ashford on Vimeo.

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