Telerecovery Video (Video Calls)

The video functions of the telerecovery services module uses unique identifiers for staff and organizations to initiate video calls with participants who also have a RecoveryLink account (please see the knowledge base article on creating participant accounts for more info). In order for a participant to join a video session with staff, they must be logged into their participant RecoveryLink account and the video engagement room must be opened by a staff member first. If a participant does not join a newly opened video session room within 8 seconds, they will receive a generalized SMS text message from the organization's assigned telerecovery number (as long as the participant's primary phone number on their account is an eligible cell phone), which reads "Staff has initiated a video session with you. Please login to your profile to join the room." This text is intentionally vague to comply with HIPAA requirements.

Participants are able to join video sessions with any staff member who has access to their profile from the application. This includes assigned peer specialists, all peer care coordinators, all peer supervisors, and all organizational admins. Though each of the above staff can communicate with a participant, no video session history is shared between users or available - meaning they are all uniquely associated with the staff's unique identifier, and the participant's unique identifier. Please note that if a peer specialist is unassigned from a participant, all past call logs will be maintained, but will no longer be accessible by the peer specialist staff (nor is past communication history viewable by the new staff). If this peer specialist is reassigned to the participant in the future, all past communication history is immediately available. Assignment does not effect peer care coordinators, peer supervisors, or organizational admins.

Only one video room session can be open at any given time for any one participant. If another staff member attempts to initiate a video session with a participant that is currently in another video session, they will receive an error alert telling them the participant is already in a video session. 

Telerecovery video calls are accessible by staff only from the participant profile telerecovery tab, video subtab. The participant profile telerecovery tab is used to access SMS, voice, and video communications via their respective subtabs with the an individual participant. The video subtab allows for video sessions to be initiated with a participant, who must login to the application to be able to join. Participants are not able to initiate a new video session and will not see the option to join a video session until a staff member initiates one.

Staff may initiate video sessions by navigating to the appropriate participant profile, telerecovery, video subtab, and selecting "Start Video Call". Once a video session is connected, the staff member will see their name appear in the "Participants in Room" portion of the UI. If 8 seconds pass without a participant joining the room, the participant will recieve an SMS alert as described above. Once the participant logs in and joins the video session, their name will also appear in the "Participants in Room" portion of the UI. Once a video session has been initiated, staff and participants will see options to mute/unmute their microphone, pause/unpause their video, or to leave the video session. If a peer leaves a video session, the video call room is closed completely to all individuals, until the room is opened again by a staff member. 

While in an active video session, staff will also see four buttons on the UI that allow for engagement sessions to be initiated (participants do not see these buttons when logged in). These include brief check-ins, follow-up engagements, care coordination sessions, and discharge sessions. Selecting the appropriate button will open a new browser window that has the new engagement session started for the participant who is being communicated with. Staff may place the new window side by side the video UI to manage muting, pausing video, and session ending, or return to the video UI to end the video session once the session is over.

Please note, participants are required to have a RecoveryLink account to use the video calling features. RecoveryLink Video is HIPAA compliant - however, organizations are responsible for the conversations and content transmitted while using this feature. It is good practice to use discretion when using video calls, including verifying who you are speaking with at any given time, and ensuring that you have a participant's permission to engage them with video sessions.

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