Peer Care Coordinators

Peer Care Coordinators are similar to peer recovery support specialists and enjoy all of the same user permissions as peer specialists, including the ability to have a 1:1 assignment. In addition, peer care coordinators have access to the "Active Participants" tab that allows them to see and take action (i.e., complete all types of engagement sessions) on any active participant at the organization - meaning any participant who is not awaiting assignment or reassignment, discharged, or a drop-in referral only. 

Peer Care Coordinators can be used as a type of "recovery case manager" assisting primarily with resource brokering and navigation, and as a supplement to 1:1 peer recovery planning and services, as well as being used to allow peer specialists to deliver services at organizations that employ a "drop-in peer service" model, where 1:1 assignment is not frequently used. This is possible as care coordinators do not require assignment to see all active participants and complete sessions with them. 

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