Peer Supervisors

Peer Supervisors in RecoveryLink have all of the same user permissions and capabilities of peer specialists and peer care coordinators, including the ability to be assigned participants for 1:1 services. Peer supervisors also have access to all of the various Participants tabs, including needs assignment, needs reassignment, active, and inactive, which allows for the management of participant services, the assignment and re-assignment of staff to participants for 1:1 services, and to see historical participant records that have been discharged or were drop-in referrals only. Peer Supervisors can also access the Org Group Sessions tab, which allows them to see all peer facilitated group sessions created by any staff member at the organization.

In addition, peer supervisors can create supervision plans and facilitate supervision sessions for all existing staff, as well as change staff user types from peer specialist to peer care coordinator, or vice versa. Peer supervisors can also add new organizational staff users and notify these users of their accounts from the staff tab. 

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