Staff Supervision Plans and Sessions

Organizational administrators and peer supervisors have access to the staff supervision functions on the RecoveryLink platform. These features can be found on the staff tab upon logging in.

Once landing on the staff tab page, supervisors will see action items on the staff table that allow for either the creation of a supervision plan (required before sessions can be completed), starting of a supervision session (after a supervision plan is created), editing staff, or removing staff. 

Supervision plans and sessions are similar to the recovery planning and engagement process that participants engage with, with each staff member having a modifiable supervision plan that can be revised and follow-up on during each supervision session. The supervision plan, which must be created first, requires information related to the staff's date of hire, their 5-year professional goals, their short-term supervision goals, the supportive items or elements they need from their supervisor or the organization, and the expected frequency of supervision sessions. This plan, once created, is viewable by the staff member (when logging in and clicking my account), or by supervisors and administrators by clicking the staffs name from the staff tab.

Once a supervision plan is created, a supervision session can be conducted at regular intervals decided by the supervisor or following organizational policies. Sessions are initiated through the staff tab and clicking the "start supervision session" action button to the right of the staff person receiving supervision. Supervision sessions are automatically assigned to the supervisor initiating each individual session and also require the date, length, channel, topics discussed, and several optional note sections for participant document review, ethics, community outreach, and future action items. Each session allows for the current version of the supervision plan to be modified and viewed, similar to a recovery plan in follow-up engagements.

All supervision session notes are viewable on the staff's my account view (or profile view when clicking their name from the staff tab as a supervisor or administrator) under the current version of the supervision plan. 

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