Removing Staff User Access and Reassigning Participant Case Loads

From time to time, you may need to remove staff's access to your organization's RecoveryLink platform. This can be done by either peer supervisors or organizational administrators from the staff tab, and clicking remove from the action list drop down for the staff user you wish to remove. 

Note, administrators only can remove peer supervisors or other administrators - peer supervisors can only remove peer specialists. Once clicking remove, you will be asked to confirm that you wish to remove the staff member from your organization. Once confirmed, the process is initiated and cannot be reversed or stopped. 

Following the confirmation of staff removal, the staff members login credentials will no longer work and their name will be removed from the staff tab. All participants assigned to the staff person will default to "Needs Reassignment" status and will require reassignment to another staff member. Following peer reassignment, the participant will default to the status of engagement that they held prior to the staff removal (e.g., needs intake, initial recovery plan, brief check-in only, etc). 

Note: historical records will remain intact for all participants and audit records for HIPAA compliance will remain showing any and all instances of the removed staff member having access to, modifying, or deleting any type of records on platform.

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