Creating New Staff User Accounts

Peer Supervisors and Organizational Administrators can create new staff accounts at any time through the RecoveryLink platform. By first navigating to the "staff" tab on the main dashboard, supervisors or administrators may click "Add new member" to add the number of accounts eligible on their subscription plan. 

  • You may select the user role that you wish the new staff member to have when creating a new account.
  • You should select "notify user of account" when creating, as this will provide the new staff member with a unique link to login to the application for the first time and set their password.
  • You may include the staffs address and phone number, but these items are not required.
  • Once an account is created, if telerecovery is used by the organization, the creating staff user should navigate to the "update staff profile" actions menu item on the staff page, and once loaded, hit "save" without making adjustments. Doing this will force the system to provision the new staff's unique telerecovery number.

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