Assigning and Transferring Participants to Peer Specialists

Peer supervisors and organizational administrators can assign new participants in the comprehensive services pathway type to any individual staff's case loads for future engagements (note: participants who complete a brief intake into brief check-in only services pathway type will automatically be assigned to the staff completing the brief intake, though this may be changed by reassigning a new peer specialist via the transfer action described here). Any staff user type can be assigned a participant to have on their primary caseload, though it is primarily intended for peer specialist assignment.

Each organization should establish a process that works for them as it relates to how staff who complete a brief intake notify the supervisor or administrator that a staff assignment is needed. For those organizations using the kiosk add-on service, any designated staff user can be notified when a kiosk brief intake is finished and ready for staff assignment. Once notified, supervisors or administrators should utilize the following steps to assign a participant to a peer:

  1. Click the "Participants" tab in the RecoveryLink platform.
  2. Unassigned participants will be listed with a status of "Needs Assignment" and will have a clickable name, which allows the supervisor or administrator to review brief intake information to assist in peer specialist assignment. Note: the needs reassignment tab functions similarly, but is used when an existing staff member is removed and previously assigned participants need a new staff assignment.
  3. Once the unassigned participant has been matched by a supervisor or administrator, you will need to click the "assign peer" or "manage participant services" button to the right of the individual participants name from the All Participants tab view. 
  4. Select the intended staff from the drop down list and click save to assign the participant to the correct staff member.
  5. Once assigned, participants will be available on the assigned staff's "My Participants" tab in the "Needs Intake" table, and the full intake and subsequent engagement sessions can then be completed.

In the event that a participant needs to have a new staff assigned, supervisors or administration must navigate to the "Active Participants" or "Search Participants" tab, find the correct participant, and click the "manage participant services" button in the action drop down menu on the right hand side of the respective table. Once the screen loads, the new staff should be selected from the drop down list and saved. 

If available to your organization, telerecovery permissions will be automatically re-routed so that the participant may only message, call, or video with their newly assigned staff member. Supervisors and administrators may reactivate discharged participants, convert drop-in referrals or RCC members only participant types, using the same manage participant services feature.

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