Referrals Overview

Referrals in RecoveryLink can be provided in several ways – a drop-in referral, referral during a formal engagement session (e.g., initial recovery plan, follow-up engagement, brief-check in, or care coordination session), or an ad hoc basis via the referrals tab on the participant profile. Referrals require information about the participant, the referral domain type, the referral entity, any referral notes provide by the peer, and information for an appointment if one is set at the time of referral creation.

Referrals that are completed outside of a formal engagement can be initiated from the participant profile referrals tab, using the create a referral button.

Referral status can and should be updated for all referrals made outside of the “drop-in referral” mechanism. Status should be changed from the  participant profile referral tab table list to note referrals that are in process (active status), engaged with successfully (completed status), or abandoned by the participant (incomplete). Any referral made with a discharge session will automatically be assigned the complete status.

All referrals made at any time for a participant can be viewed in the participant profile referrals tab and sorted by current referral status.

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