Referral PDF

Any referrals made (including drop-in referrals, but only at the time the referral is created (for the peer specialist) or in the "all participants" tab at any time but only for peer supervisors and organizational administrators) can be rendered in a PDF to be provided to the participant via email, RecoveryLink chat, accessed by the participant via their participant profile, or printed and given to the participant in person.

To get a PDF of any referral made (including completed referrals), navigate to the participant profile and the "referrals" tab, and then select "print referral" for the correct referral in the action item drop down menu to the right. Drop-in referrals may be printed by peer specialists at the time the referral is created, or at any time by a supervisor or administrator from the all participants tab and accessing the participant in the drop-in referral status table.

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