Drop-in Referrals

Drop-in referrals are reserved for those participants who do not request any formal services except for a referral to any outside entity. Drop-in referrals require a date, the engagement channel (e.g., where the participant found out about your organization from), limited participant demographic and contact information, and complete referral entity information, including appointment times (if made and available). Once a drop-in referral is completed and saved, a PDF of the referral will be available on the screen to provide to the participant in person or via e-mail.

Drop-in referrals, once completed, are recorded and logged for the organization, but participants will not appear on active participant rosters or require assignment from a supervisor to a peer specialist. Participants with previous drop-in referrals may be converted into full service delivery by a peer supervisor or organizational administrator using the "management participant services' action button from the inactive participants tab at any time. This will allow previous drop-in referrals to be included in the participants profile and engagement records.

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