Brief Intakes

Peer specialists and other organizational staff can perform a brief intake to create a participant profile and begin the service engagement process. If a participant is expected to receive 1-on-1 peer services, a brief intake is the first step to select whether the participant will engage in "brief check-in only" services or "comprehensive services". If your orgnaization uses the kiosk add-on service, brief intakes may be completed by requesting participants through the tablet application, which will automatically import the participant into your core RecoveryLink instance in awaiting assignment.

Brief Check-in only participants will be auto-assigned to the staff member completing the brief intake, while those electing comprehensive services will require assignment to a peer from a peer supervisor or organizational administrator prior to completing a full intake, which is required in comprehensive services.

Minimal participant contact information and demographics are required in the brief intake, only enough to provide a peer supervisor or organization manager the information needed to assign the participant to a peer specialist case load. This includes race, ethnicity, gender identity, pronouns, intake referral source, birthdate, and general contact information. There are several optional data elements in the brief intake (e.g., external member ID, which can be used to match participants to external systems or records), which may be filled out as desired. Note: the intake date may be modified after the brief intake if needed from the participant profile > update contact info button.

Following a brief intake for comprehensive services only (brief check-in is auto assigned), organizational administrators or peer supervisors should be notified following the organizational policies to alert them that a new participant needs to be assigned to a peer specialist for full intake and engagement.

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