Recovery Capital Assessments

Brief Assessments of Recovery Capital (BARC-10) may be completed at every formal engagement with a participant in RecoveryLink after the brief intake (e.g., full intake, initial recovery plan, follow-up engagements, care coordination sessions, brief check-ins, and discharge sessions).

In addition, for participants who do not have regular engagements, peer specialists may complete an ad hoc assessment from the participant profile recovery capital tab. Recovery capital is automatically calculated (scores of 6-60) and each assessment is available in the recovery capital tab for every completed instance. Assessment completed during a follow-up engagement, care coordination session, or brief check-in will also be available in the engagements tab table view of the participant profile. Participants who have had an account created for them may also complete self-assessments when logged into the platform and selecting the "Complete an assessment" button. Self-assessments will show as "Self-Assessment" in the engagement type.

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