Peer Facilitated Group Sessions

Peer specialists and peer care coordinators may initiate a peer facilitated group session from the "Group Sessions" tab once logged into the RecoveryLink platform. Peer facilitated groups require the selection of a Facilitator (which may or may not be the peer staff completing the session notes, and ownership of the group records will be assigned to the facilitator selected from the drop down, not the staff completing the notes unless this is the same individual), the date of the session, the length of the engagement, the engagement channel, the recovery domains discussed in the group session, and individual participant session notes. Staff may also associate a unique organization Program ID with a group session as needed.

Any active participant at the organization can be added to a peer facilitated group session, even if the participant is not assigned to the peer facilitator of the group session. Participants are added one by one by clicking "add participant note", selecting the participants name from the drop down list, and typing engagement notes. Participants are added one by one until all participants have been added to the group session notes. 

Upon save, the complete group session record and all information will be available for viewing and updating by the peer facilitator selected in the initial session notes creation. Additionally, individual participants will have their specific session information saved to their profile, viewable in the engagements group sessions tab, which may be seen by their assigned peer specialist (even if the assigned peer specialist was not the facilitator - in this instance, this peer would only see the notes from their assigned participants).

Organization administrators and peer supervisors can access all complete group session notes via the Org Group Session tabs once logged into the RecoveryLink platform. These staff will also have permission to update and revise any group session notes as well as view the peer facilitator of any and all group sessions on record for the organization. 

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