Follow-up Engagement Sessions

For participants in the comprehensive services pathway type, following the creation of an initial recovery plan, all active participants move into “Comprehensive Service - Follow-up engagement” status which allows for on-going follow-up engagements to be completed for the life of the relationship with the participant. 

Follow-up engagements allow a peer specialist to track progress towards recovery plan goals, edit and update action steps (e.g., tasks) or status of recovery plan goals or previously created action steps, make new referrals, provide outcomes data, and update a participants profile information (demographics, recovery characteristics, and services requested).

All engagements should have the date and engagement channel selected, as well as the length of the engagement in 15-minute increments.

  • You may update any participant contact info, demographics, recovery characteristics, or engaged services during this session by selecting "yes" to the corresponding question at the beginning of the session. All current values will be shown in each respective domain, which can then be changed to track changes over time.
  • Activities completed in session can be optionally associated with the session via the "Activities completed in session" accordion list, which is a multi-select list of possible activities completed with the participant during the course of the session.
  • Optional data that can be collected during this session includes participant outcomes, brief assessment of recovery capital, or referral.

Each follow-up engagement allows for the creation of case notes by the facilitating staff, as well as notes related to any immediate crises, concerns, or barriers discussed with the participant.

All follow-up engagements completed for a participant can be viewed in the participant profile > engagements > follow-up engagements tab. The initial view contains a table with brief information about each follow-up engagement, with an option to view more detailed notes about any specific engagement by clicking the “view engagement” action button.Follow-up engagement session activities:

Session Activities:

Optional Session Data Elements

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