Care Coordination Sessions

For participants in any service pathway type, following the completion of a brief intake (and assignment if in the comprehensive service pathway type), all active participants can have a care coordination session completed by any staff member. Sessions can be initiated from the engagements > care coordination tab of the participant profile, or from the action drop down on any of the Participants tabs depending on the staff user permission level. Please note that for comprehensive service pathway type, the care coordination session will not appear in the actions drop down menu until the participant has completed an initial recovery plan.

All care coordination engagements should have the date and engagement channel selected, as well as the length of the engagement in 15-minute increments. 

Care coordination sessions are intended to be closer to a resource brokerage and recovery case management session, but may be used as a general peer session if so desired by an organization as per its policies. Sessions allow for the entry of engagement notes, associating a multi-select set of Care Coordination session activities, and an optional assessment of recovery capital and referrals. 

All care coordination engagements completed for a participant can be viewed in the participant profile > engagements > care coordination type. The initial view contains a table with brief information about each follow-up engagement, with an option to view more detailed notes about any specific engagement by clicking the “view engagement” action button.

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