Brief Check-In Engagements

Brief Check-In engagement sessions (available as the primary form of engagement to participants in the Brief Check-in Only service type, or as an optional engagement type for those participants in the comprehensive services type) are intended to be used for telephonic or messaging check-ins that are not formally scheduled. However, it is also possible to use brief check-ins in a scheduled format when using the appointments feature to schedule them in advance.

A brief check-in session can be completed at any time following a brief intake and initial participant assignment for those participants in the comprehensive services type, or immediately after brief intake and auto assignment for those participants in the brief check-in only service type. 

For comprehensive services type participants, prior to a participant being in the follow-up engagement status (i.e., after the initial recovery plan is created), brief check-ins can only be initiated from the participant profile engagements tab. If a participant has a recovery plan on record, brief check-ins can also be initiated from the drop-down action list to the right of the participants name in the "My Participants" tab.

For brief check-in only services type participants, brief check-ins can be initiated either from the participant profile engagements tab or from the my participants tab at any time using the drop-down action list to the right of the participants name.

  • Brief check-ins require the date, channel of engagement, length of engagement, whether the contact was successful, and any engagement notes that are associated with the session. No specific recovery plan data is collected or editable in this engagement type.
  • You may update any participant contact info, demographics, recovery characteristics, or engaged services during this session by selecting "yes" to the corresponding question at the beginning of the session. All current values will be shown in each respective domain, which can then be changed to track changes over time.
  • Activities completed in session can be optionally associated with the session via the "Activities completed in session" accordion list, which is a multi-select list of possible activities completed with the participant during the course of the session.
  • Optional data that can be collected during this session includes participant outcomes, brief assessment of recovery capital, or referral.
  • Once a brief check-in is completed, the notes and relevant data are available in the participants profile on the Engagements tab in the brief check-in table.Brief check-in session activities:

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