Discharging and Reactivating Participants

Engaged participants in any service pathway (e.g., brief check-in only or comprehensive services) may be discharged at any time in RecoveryLink. Discharge sessions include the date of discharge, reason for discharge, discharged planning notes, planned discharged activities, and an optional brief assessment of recovery capital and referrals. You may initiate a discharge session by navigating to the Discharge tab on the participant's profile.

Participants that are discharged, and then subsequently come back to engage in services, require reactivation by a supervisor or organizational administrator. Discharged participants are available to supervisors or administrators via the "Search Participants" tab. The participant can be searched for by name or participant ID to be found quickly in the global search participants list. Once identified, the manage participant services action button can be used to access the Manage Services tab on the participant profile. Once there, staff should select the reactivate the participant button, which will allow for updating of participant contact information and brief demographics, assignment to the appropriate staff person's case load, selection of the service type desired, and a reason for the reactivation. Reactivated participants will have all historical data maintained in their profile and will move into the most recent status (e.g., follow-up engagement, brief check-in only, etc.) prior to their discharge.

Discharge Session


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