Transferring Participants Between Recovery Support Service Types

Participants may choose between two types of service pathways in RecoveryLink - brief check-in only and comprehensive services. These pathways, or service types, are initially selected at the brief intake but may be modified at any time by staff members.

To modify, or transfer a participant between service pathways, staff should locate the participant in either the My Participants, or the Active Participants tab (peer care coordinators, peer supervisors and organizational admins only), and click the "Manage Participant Services" action item from the drop down list. Staff may also access these features from the Manage Services tab on any participants profile.

Once on the manage participant services page, staff may select the "Change Service Type" button to access the service type change screen. Once here, staff must select the service type the participant is changing to and provide a reason for the change.

If a participant in brief check-in only is transferred to comprehensive services, they will require a full intake and initial recovery plan to be created (unless they are already on file from a previous service period in comprehensive services before being transferred again). 

If a participant in comprehensive services is transferred to brief check-in only, they will retain all data, though they will only have brief check-in only, care coordination sessions, and group session service engagements available to them, and the recovery plan and any previous follow-up engagements will no longer be viewable on the participant profile. 

Note: the recovery plan and follow-up engagement records are maintained in this type of transfer, should the participant ever be transferred back to comprehensive services, the most recent version of the recovery plan and all follow-up engagement session records will reappear and be accessible for updating and review.

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