Participant Profile and Information

The participant profile can be accessed from any of the Participants tabs available to a logged in staff user (the tabs available are dependent on staff role and permissions), including my participants, needs assignment, needs reassignment, active, and search participants tabs. To view a participant profile, select a name from any table on the above referenced tabs being used.

Current information for any participant - including demographics, recovery characteristics, recovery plans, engagement session notes, referrals, etc. - can be accessed after selecting the participant's name from any table view within the dashboard. 

In addition to viewing and updating participant profile information, staff may also complete ad hoc recovery capital assessments, update the recovery plan, schedule and view appointments, initiate brief check ins, follow-up engagements, care coordination sessions, discharges, and peer group sessions, upload documents (such as releases of information, informed consent, etc.), complete any data collection enabled for your organization in custom modules, and view and initiate ad hoc referrals from the respective tabs on the participant profile. If add-on modules are included in your RecoveryLink instance, telerecovery sessions and document signing requests may also be completed from the participant profile.

Participant accounts, which allow them to log in to the RecoveryLink platform to have video telerecovery video sessions with their peer specialists, as well as access their profile information in a read only format, are also created from the participant profile using the "Create Participant Account" button. Once a participant account is created, they will receive an email with login information and the "Create Participant Account" button will automatically be removed from their profile. Participants may also be to complete self-assessments, modify their personal information, sign documents, and request appointments depending on the add-on modules included in your RecoveryLink instance.

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