Participant Lists and Navigation

RecoveryLink uses a variety of different 'Participant' tabs to facilitate coordination of services, assignment, and review of an organization's active and historical participants. All staff users can navigate to the "Participants' tab by selecting the Participants tab on the primary navigation bar.

Once selected, available tabs will depend on the staff role and permissions. Peer specialists will default to seeing their assigned participants only. Peer Care Coordinators will also see an "Active Participants" tab in addition to the my participants tab, which allows Peer Care Coordinators to engage with any active participant at the organization. Peer Supervisors and Organizational Administrators will also see a Needs Assignment, and Needs Reassignment tab, in addition to the tabs described above) to help facilitate initial peer assignments for those participants enrolled in the comprehensive services type, reassign participants following a staff deactivation, and accessing historical records, reactivating a discharged participant, or converting a drop-in referral to full peer services. All staff will also see a search participants tab, though only care coordinators and above will have the option to take action on these participants. This search tab is intended to help staff locate all historic participants to reduce the potential for duplicate profiles.

Each Participants tab allows for the facilitation of a brief-intake and drop-in referral, as well as several different search and filtering options to navigate participant lists. These options include searching by participant name, participant ID, as well as filtering by program ID, service type, current status, or assigned staff.

Each participant tab, except the my participants list, is paginated to show up to 50 results. Staff users can filter and search to reduce the result sizes or see additional participants by selecting a different page number at the bottom of a tab's table view.

Initiating engagement sessions of any type with non-assigned participants (i.e., those accessed by staff with appropriate permissions any participant tab except My Participants), can be accomplished by identifying the participant and selecting their name. Once the participant profile has loaded, staff may initiate a full intake (if one has not been completed) from the participant profile > demographics, recovery characteristics, or engaged services tabs. Brief check-ins, follow-up engagements, and care coordination sessions can be initiated from the participant profile > engagements tab. 

Initiating engagements for assigned participants may be accomplished from the My Participants tab using the quick actions menu, or by selecting the participant profile and initiating a session as described above.

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