Creating Participant Accounts

Participants man have personal accounts created to access their recovery plans, engagement notes, referrals, and to access telerecovery video calling with organization staff. Any staff who has access to a participant's profile can create a participant account by following these steps:

  • Following a brief-intake, navigate to the participant profile and click the "Create Participant Account" button.
  • All participant information from the brief intake will auto populate the account creation screen. If any information was not provided during the brief intake or subsequent engagements (e.g., missing email address), the staff member creating the account should manually populate these fields prior to account creation.
  • Click create, once all information is filled in, the system will send a new account notification email to the participants email.
  • Participants must click the link in this email, which will log them in to RecoveryLink and require a password reset.

Note: To use the integrated RecoveryLink telerecovery video features, participants must have an account created for them. Telerecovery SMS and audio will work without a participant having an account (as long as they have a phone number associated with their participant profile that has "primary number" and "okay to text" and/or "okay to call" associated with the number). To use the document signing, self-assessment, to request appointments, and to update their personal information, participant's must also have an account created.

It is important to remember that a participant's created account may or may not use the same email that is listed as their primary email on their participant profile. The primary email may have been changed, or asked to be different, than the email associated with the actual log in account.

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