GPRA Module Overview

The RecoveryLink GPRA module (purchased separately from the core platform) is a fully integrated CSAT data collection solution for organizations that have GPRA reporting requirements. The GPRA module allows organizations to set program ID's that are GPRA eligible so that when participants are tagged with such a program ID, GPRA data collection requirements are enforced.

GPRA Module Usage:

When a participant is tagged with a program ID that requires a GPRA (as denoted within your organization's program ID management module), they will then appear in the new GPRA tab in the primary navigation menu with a status of "Needs Intake GPRA". Peer Specialists will see their assigned participants in the 'My Participants GPRA' sub tab, while care coordinators and above staff users will see both a 'My Participants GPRA' (for their assigned caseload as applicable) and a 'All Participants GPRA' subtab (which allows for GPRA monitoring and completion for any participant at the organization.
For peer staff, they will only see participants that are assigned to them in the My Participants GPRA tab list by status (needs intake, needs follow-up and discharge, needs discharge only, needs follow-up only). Once an intake GPRA is complete, their status will change (and they will also see the follow up date windows for when it is required to be complete). When discharge GPRAs and follow-up GPRAs are completed, the status will also change accordingly. 
When all GPRAs are complete, the participant will no longer be in the peer specialist list, but rather will exist on the All Participants GPRA tab for supervisors with a status of "Complete" as all GPRAs are on file. For care coordinators and above, you will also see this All Participants GPRA sub tab that lets you see all participants with a GPRA record, by status in the same way noted above (needs intake, needs follow-up and discharge, needs follow-up only, needs discharge only). This tab can be used by any staff of care coordinator role or above to complete GPRAs for any participant with a GPRA record.
The integrated GPRA application has automation rules built in to facilitate success in tracking eligible participants. This includes status routing, GPRA due windows and reminders, and the inability to tag participants with more than one GPRA program ID or to do multiple intake, follow-up, discharge GPRAs on a participant that is not eligible. Note: if a participant has a fully complete GPRA record, and 30 days have passed since all were completed, they can have a new intake GPRA by associating the participant with an eligible GPRA program ID for the organization.
GPRA reports will also be available on the GPRA primary tab for supervisors and organization admins to download a flat file, based on date range, for all new intake, follow-up, and discharge GPRAs completed in the selected time frame. This will replace any manual requests for reports for data entry used in the past. The report is generated in a flat file CSV file for data entry into SPARS, WITS, or similar system in use by your organization.
Important Considerations for organizations that do not provide any form of clinical services: The Intake, Follow-up, and Discharge GPRA do require information related to behavioral health diagnoses, and the intake GPRA requests information about services and modalities to be delivered. Non-clinical recovery support organizations may instruct staff to answer these questions with "don't know" or "not applicable" as needed to streamline GPRA data collection. 
All GPRA sessions utilize a combination of conditional skip and display logic, as well as help text to provide assistance to staff completing the sessions. Please ensure that all instructions are read carefully and followed completely to ensure data integrity in your reports for uploading into SPARS, WITS, or similar system for your grants.

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