Activity Logs

Activity logs for your organization can be added by any staff user on the Org Activities tab once logged into the RecoveryLink Platform. Activity logs are used to track attendance at several different types of organizational, partner, and community events, such as mutual aid meetings, training events, outreach activities, and naloxone distributions. 

When creating a new activity log, the date of the activity, the length of time and whether it was a multi-day activity, the activity type, and a name of the activity are required. If the activity is a naloxone distribution, the number of doses distributed is required. All other activity types require a total number of attendance to be provided. You may also associate any available program ID to an activity log if desired.

Once saved, all activity logs are display on the Activity Logs tab in two separate tables and include the date of the activity, the staff member who created the log, the name of the activity and either how many were in attendance or how many doses were distributed. Previously created activity logs can be updated by supervisors or organizational administrators by clicking the "Update" button on the actions column of the activity log table.

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