RecoveryLink - Core Application Overview

RecoveryLink project codename SOAR, or version 2.0, is a complete refactoring of our core application and microservices. The primary utility of version 2.0 is allowing end users, whether enterprises, multi-site organizations, or single-site organizations, to have more control over the customization of key data collection elements and reporting analytics. The front-end application has been built on a headless API-based infrastructure to allow for easy integrations and data interoperability, as well as the extension of the core application through microservice and modular builds. 

RecoveryLink 2.0 has key feature changes, primarily around the types of users who can use the application and what their allowed permissions are. Internal staff user types consist of volunteers, peer staff, supervisors, organizational administrators, and enterprise administrators. External user types consist of referral entity partner providers and participants. Varying from the legacy RecoveryLink application, staff have complete access to all participant records at an organization, while maintaining the ability to have an assigned case load. Referral entity partner providers have the ability to login to manage their referral entity – including locations and services offered – as well as manage and provide input back on received referrals. Participants have more control over their records than ever before in the new application as well, with the ability to easily transfer records and histories to consenting organizations and enterprises, as well as receive services at any number of organizations as needed.
This knowledge base provides end users of RecoveryLink an overview of version 2.0, how it operates, and how key functions such as the customization enginge function. This knowledge base can be used for new staff training, onboarding, and implementation periods for all types of customers of RecoveryLink. The knowledge base is split into sections of the application to allow for easy browsing. If you find that elements of the application are missing, please reach out to our team using the contact option at the top of your screen.

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