Reporting System Overview

RecoveryLink uses a unique and standalone reporting application to allow customers of any type to download standard (RecoveryLink created) and custom (customer requested) reports at any time. The reporting application is accessible by visiting and logging in with your credentials provided by your account manager. 

Once logged in, users have the option of taking several actions. RecoveryLink standard and customer requested custom reports can be downloaded for any date range and organization(s) which you have access to. For example, you may wish to download the organizational activity log A report for the month of March 2021 or a supervision report for the month of December 2021. Any report that is available for you to download is available in the drop down list once logged in and from the organizational reports tab. Please note that reports that use a historical aggregate approach (e.g., GPRA, supervision, etc) will only use the end date in the range selector, as these require only a cut off date and will always go back to the earliest date of stored data for the start date.

Currently, larger reports that take substantial computing power to process are run on a monthly basis and can be downloaded from the "standard reports" tab in the application. These reports include main outcomes reports, telerecovery reports, and screening/contact center reports. 

Data dictionaries for all reports are available on the data dictionaries tab; selecting the data dictionary you wish to review will download the dictionary in a csv format to your local machine.

The audit log tab of the application shows all reports downloaded, the user who requested the download, the IP address the request was originated from, and the time the request was completed. 

Organizational Report Download

Standard Report Download

Data Dictionary Download

Audit Log

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