Enterprise Dashboard Overview

The RecoveryLink enterprise dashboard is an add-on module available for any customers, but most often used by multi-site locations and enterprises. The dashboard is a custom built application leveraging R-studio and Shiny environments, which allows for a graphical user interface that is easily navigated for data reporting. The enterprise dashboard provides deeper insight into customers' data, featuring filters for program IDs, primary recovery pathway, service type, intake date, intake referral source, and last engagement date for main outcomes data. 

Additionally, the enterprise dashboard also offers a historic data option, which allows users to access and review data that occurred within specific locations/organizations, time periods (versus segmenting eligible participants based on filters) and program IDs. This option is most frequently used for monthly and quarterly reporting to outside stakeholders, as it provides the most accurate snapshot of organizational activities, outcomes, and services delivered within a given time period.

Finally, the enterprise dashboard also features the enhanced participant profile, which provides staff the ability to access RecoveryLink's decisional support tools - Recovery Support Tips - as well as individual engagements and outcomes data, and our strengths-based outcomes index, the Recovery Support Index.

Main Outcomes Dashboards

Historic Data Option

Enhanced Participant Profile

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