Core Application ERR Dashboard

The RecoveryLink dashboard is the landing page for all organizational staff and includes different views and organization of data from all participants and staff users at the organization. The dashboard is built using Data Studio, and can be filtered in several ways depending on the type of RecoveryLink account you have. All account types can filter by staff and date range on sections with these filters available. Enterprise and multi-location accounts can also filter the dashboard by specific location. Each display of data can be filtered by both date and the above filters at the same time or independently. Each data element can be exported in a raw flat file format (e.g., CSV) directly from the dashboard by clicking the three dots above the data element, which will trigger an automatic download of a CSV of the deidentified data. The dashboard itself can also be exported as a PDF by right clicking and saving as a PDF to your computer.

Changing among the different views of the dashboard is accomplished by scrolling to the bottom of each dashboard page, and clicking the downward facing arrow or the page view name, and selecting a different page. Depending on your account type, you may have 7 or more different page views with different data available for real time reporting.

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