RecoveryLink Reports

RecoveryLink offers several different standard reports for all customers. These include the following:

  • Main Outcomes Report
  • Individual Services Report
  • Activity Logs Report A & B (Aggregate of all Activity Types; Individual Activities)
  • Group Sessions Report
  • Session Activities Report
  • Referrals Report
  • Discharge Report
  • Contact Log Report
  • Supervision Report

In addition, depending on optional add-on module usage, customers may also have access to the following standard reports:

  • Kiosk Activity Reports A & B
  • GPRA Report
  • Telerecovery Usage Report
  • Volunteer Log Report
  • Substance Use History Expanded Report
  • Hepatitis A, B, & C Reports
  • HIV Testing and Treatment Report
  • Screening Results & Contact Center Report
  • 8 Dimensions of Wellness Report
  • REALD Report
  • Harm Reduction Organizational Activity Log Reports A & B

In addition to standard reports, RecoveryLink organizations can request custom reports for any data collected and stored by the platform. These custom reports can be created specific to your reporting needs, and once created saved to be run on a recurring basis from the reporting application. Dependent on your organizational license, the complexity of the report, and the frequency in which it needs to be compiled, there may be a cost associated with the custom report request.

We find that most of our organizational account users have their reporting needs met with our standard reports, which can be run on any date range and filtered to suit your needs. If you have additional reporting needs, please contact to request additional information.

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