Creating and Managing Scheduled Engagement Appointments with Participants

The RecoveryLink appointments feature allows staff (except volunteer staff roles) to schedule, reschedule, and cancel engagement appointments with any active participant. Staff are limited to using these features with any active participant they are able to engage with based on access roles (peer specialists: assigned participants; care coordinators: any active participant; supervisors: any active participant; admins: any active participant). Staff can schedule one-time appointments or recurring appointments with participants.

Engagement appointments can be scheduled by navigating to the Appointments tab on the primary navigation menu, or from the participant profile > scheduling tab. When using the primary appointments tab, once the calendar interface has loaded on screen, staff may review their past and upcoming appointments, schedule new appointments that occur one time or multiple times (i.e., recurring appointments), and reschedule or cancel existing appointments (note: past appointments may not be cancelled or rescheduled). Staff and supervisors may also view all past, future, and recurring appointments on staff profile pages or from the participant profile > scheduling tabs.

New appointments can be scheduled by clicking on the calendar interface directly or selecting the "Schedule New Appointment" button. If clicking on the calendar, the date and time clicked will autopopulate the modal that appears to schedule. If using the create appointment button, no data will be prepopulated. On this scheduling modal, staff can select the date (if a recurring appointment, a start date and an end date), appointment start time (in 15 minute increments), the engagement type (if recurring, only brief check-in, follow-up engagement, care coordination session, or group session may be selected), the appointment timezone (defaults to the local time zone of the logged in user), the engagement duration (in 15 minute increments, up to 8 hours in length), the engagement channel and subchannel, and the participant. Note: appointments cannot span from one day to the next when scheduling or rescheduling. If a recurring appointment is selected, staff must also provide the frequency period for the recurring appointment at the daily, weekly, monthly, or annual level. Each period has additional suboptions to specify how the recurring appointment should be scheduled. Time zones selected will be the time zone used for all notifications and alerts to any user involved with the appointment. The display of any scheduled appointment on the calendar or list views will convert to the local timezone of the logged in user, with the conversion start point being the time zone selected when the appointment was created or revised.

Once scheduled, appointments appear on both the calendar on the date and time scheduled, as well as in a list view of all upcoming appointments. This calendar and list view are unique to the staff member logged in, and will only show the logged in staff member's appointments. To view all appointment information, you may select the appointment from the list view or the calendar interface, which will bring up the appointment information modal. Upcoming appointments synchronize with the view of the calendar and will only show those appointments currently on the dates of the calendar view. Appointments of any type may also be viewing by navigating to the staff or participant profile > scheduling tabs. 

Editing or cancelling an appointment can only be done from the appointments tab on the primary navigation menu. This may be accomplished by either selecting an existing appointment from the list of upcoming appointments, by selecting the appointment on the calendar interface, or by dragging an existing appointment from one location to another on the calendar interface. If selecting the appointment from the list or the calendar, you must select "edit" on the appointment information modal that appears, which will allow you to edit all appointment information except for the participant. If dragging and dropping the appointment, only the date, start time, and duration will be changed without having to use the modal. 

Editing or cancelling a recurring appointment is specific to the type of editing being done. To edit or cancel a single instance of a recurring appointment, the same procedure for editing upcoming appointments is used as each instance of a recurring is in principle a single upcoming appointment. Editing a single instance of a recurring appointment that is more than 24 hours in the future will immediately hard schedule this single recurring appointment instance, thus making it unmodifiable by editing the recurring appointment controller it belonged to. Editing or cancelling a single instance of a recurring appointment will not impact other recurring appointments associated with the same recurring appointment controller.

To edit or cancel all instances of a recurring appointment, staff should switch to the "Recurring Appointments" view, by selecting "Upcoming Appointments" and changing to "Recurring Appointments" in the drop-down. From this view, recurring appointment controllers can be modified or cancelled ONLY by clicking on the recurring controller from the list view. Clicking on appointments in the calendar view will only edit single instance appointments and not modify the recurring controller. Note: any single instance of a recurring appointment that is within 24 hours OR has been edited elsewhere and thus hard scheduled, will not be impacted by modification of the recurring appointment controller it belongs to. Cancelling a recurring appointments controller will cancel all associated recurring appointments except for those that are within 24 hours or have otherwise been hard scheduled.

By default, all appointments send reminders to participants (as long as a valid email is saved as the primary email on the participant profile) and to staff (to the email attached to their staff user account). These reminders include: new appointment scheduled; existing appointment rescheduled; appointment cancelled; appointment reminder (sent 24 hours before the upcoming appointment). Note: the scheduling, modification, and cancelling of a recurring appointment controller has unique notification copy. If your organization subscribes to the telerecovery module, participants are also sent the same 4 reminders as above via text message (as long as a valid cell phone number is saved as the primary phone number on the participant's profile). This SMS text is sent from the organization's telerecovery number, not the staff's telerecovery assigned number. Emails and SMS reminders may take up to 15 minutes to be received. 

Staff may also turn off appointment notifications when creating or editing a single instance appointment or a recurring appointment controller. Notifications can be turned off and on an unlimited number of times for an appointment. Turning off email notifications will turn off notifications to both participants and staff. SMS and email notifications can be turned on and off independent of each other as well.

Participants' next engagement date will automatically be updated by the system, using the soonest in the future appointment date and time from any staff member with a given participant. If a participant has multiple upcoming appointments with one or many staff, the system will automatically input the next upcoming appointment within 15 minutes of the most recent appointment end time, not when the current appointment is finished. If no appointment is scheduled in the future, the next engagement date will default to a blank/null value.

Double bookings for participants are not permitted in the appointments module - attempting to do so will produce an error. Double bookings for staff are permitted in the instance that an organization wishes to schedule multiple appointments for group sessions as an example.

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